LG: The Second Phone Bender

Bendable OLED screens have been in existence for quite some time now. The reason we have yet to see a device with a bent or bendable screen in our local At&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon retailer is because quite frankly, there seems to be no use for it. Lets think about it… Perhaps the most sought after characteristics of a smartphone from a designers perspective is minimizing the thickness of the device as much as possible without compromising performance. A bent screen seems to only increase the overall volume of the device- and moreover, what exactly can a bending device do for usability. Remember, it is only worth implementing a new technology if there is a viable benefit, other than it looks cool. Perhaps there is a future where smartphones can be folded up like a normal piece of paper, but, of course, we are not there yet. Well without further a do, this is leaked LG G Flex smartphone, and yes, its curved.


Its beautiful. The curve mocks that of a camper’s canoe. I guess I can say its quite a tranquilizing design emotion, but I cant help but to remind myself of how useless it is in that fashion. The phone will measure in at 6 inches in arc length which means it will probably be around 5.5 inches straight across. That’s a big device. It is too early to say, given that we really know nothing about its functionality, but I am not sure if this will turn too many heads…. Perhaps for the unique design, but LG is still LG and no matter how unique their product, the brand LG does not ring bells the way that Samsung and Apple do. Nevertheless, I am really interested in seeing how the future of bent/bendable displays pan out, for we are bound to see many more companies explore with the idea.

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/13/lg-g-flex-revealed/


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