Design Worth Mentioning

Simplifying the beautiful complexities of a bird is not easy. 26 year old artist Diana Beltran Herrera, from Bogota Columbia, is impressed by the intricacies of the feathery creatures.

“When I went outside, I saw that birds were real living creatures, having real experiences just like me. I wanted to try to save their experiences and simultaneously remind myself of how important it was to be alive.” she recalls when she was a little girl.

Her work caught my eye when I was scrolling through a Fast Company article highlighting her artistry. But what really captured me was the sort of gracious approach to her design. Her emotion towards birds is one of admiration yet peaceful relation. Her use of paper seems so simple and almost elementary, yet each and every slight bending of a feather, and bare peak of the beak is a reminder of just how real birds are to her, which makes them seem so much real to you and I. Enjoy!

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