WOW Design: 1

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”  Milton Glaser

As a college engineering student with a fulltime girlfriend, one can say that my time is like having three water bottles at my disposal in the midst of a blazingly dry equatorial desert on a week long trek, only to repeat the process the next week. I must use it wisely. One thing that I consistently do is flip through about one hundred Flickr and Tumblr photos in search and in hope of coming across something visually stunning. My queries usually range from ‘design’ to ‘architecture’. I’d like to say that I have developed an exceptional eye for design. “Wow Design 1” is the first blog post of a series in which I post some of my favorite designs with a brief description of why the pieces give me that ‘WOW’ that I love.


The table, the chair, the light forest green background all complement the scene relatively well. But that doesn’t make this one a WOW. What I love about this is the hanging ring lamp, which gives off a sort of techy-halo effect.


The best bike I never road. I will be doing a blog post on the Grace e-bike sometime down the road. What impresses me about the Grace is how it manages to give off both a retro motor bike 007 feel while maintain a very simple compact form factor. Its very pleasing to the eyes, and to the earth.


The White Lumia 1020 is a simple rectangle. The pitch black 20mp camera on the back ironically pronounces the whiteness of its surrounding, and it gives the phone such a pure yet pronounced feel.


Grandpa may have a heap of eventful stories to relish for days on end, but the coolness of his slim warm teal sweater, the playful vanilla pom-pom snow hat, and his white beard makes me want to kick back in a knitted quilt with a hot cup of tea by the fire place indulging in his elderly past life adventures. A nice balance of complexity and simplicity.


This makes me want to pursue a career in architecture. I love how the texture and color of the building continues with the rocky plane of its surrounding. It almost seems as if the strucutre is a mere result of some perfectly organized landfall. The glass piece extending upward into the sky compliments nicely with the falling slant of hill, like a stream of water. Very appealing….


4 thoughts on “WOW Design: 1

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