Wearable Gets Personal With Airo

We’ve heard about the Nike Fuelband, the Jawbone Up, and the Fitbit Flex. If you haven’t, all three of these devices are centered around autonomously measuring and organizing daily physical activity and sleeping patterns with the use of the very compact sensor technologies in the form of a simple wrist band. The concept behind wristband activity tracking is very future proof as it represents one of the simplest emergences into the wearable technology ecosystem. Despite there being very compelling products already available, like the ones mentioned earlier, there currently is no consumer technology that has the ability to autonomously sense and calculate the calorie consumption… aka food. Some of the apps available for some of these devices come with a nice food log functionality, but that extra step of taking the time to find and choose the food you’ve just eaten is very tedious, especially once you try to estimate the exact portion of your last meal.


Its actually amazing how quickly innovation takes place these days. Well just about two years after current gen fitness tracking wristbands introduced themselves to the world, a startup called AIRO Heath has a solution. Their version of a fitness tracking wristband can track exercise, STRESS, and what you EAT! Amazing! Before you make the assumption (as I initially did) that the Airo injects a small chip into your blood stream, the technology involves no biological manipulation whatsoever. There is a infrared light sensor on the inner lining of the wristband. The sensor reads the different patterns of red, blue, and green in your blood stream (without injection, I repeat lol) and it sends this information to the computational chip in the wristband which determines what percentage of your blood is protien, fat, and carbohydrates. Amazing again!


So while Airo may not know the difference between a hamburger and a hotdog, it can track specifically how many calories that hamburger was without any user manipulation. So neat. And how does it track stress you ask? Relatively the same way. The same light sensor is used to measure the pulse of your blood stream, which sends the information to the chip in the wrist band to make correlations between your heart rates over time and levels of stress based off of heart rate. The Airo app then takes all of this information about your sleeping patterns, eating habits, stress levels, and physical activity to give the user useful feedback on ears they can improve in their health and overall satisfaction. This is truly revolution.

I am not really impressed by the design of the band. The grey is very band and steel colored. The texture seems almost rubber and really cheaply made. I would even say its a bit too thick for my liking, but that is completely understandable given its technological capabilities. But there are definitely places for the Airo to improve. I am actually a bit more excited about other product teams getting their hands on a similar food tracking sensing technology. That, for me, is really the missing piece to the puzzle when it comes to smart wristbands…. That and a simple watch, which many are just now starting to implement. With that said, I will be doing a blog post on the new Fitbit Flex shortly. Stay tuned!’

In the mean time, check out their promo video!


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