That is Really Thin

Minimalism is reaching the masses, or at least that is the underlying notion to some of the most recent entrepreneurial efforts.

Credit Card

One of the basic roles of an engineer is to identify an issue in society and to find a method of fixing the issue. The issue hear, is that people tend to stack up their credit cards in their wallets which makes it really cumbersome to choose the method of pay when its time to do so. Its really an obvious issue, but its sort-of not a big deal- which is what I thought when I really thought about it. There really are a lot bigger problems in the world than one-inch0-thick wallets. However, wouldn’t it be cool if one credit card act as a hybrid of all of your credit cards? Its a simple solution, of course, but the reason there hasn’t really been anything that has that functionality is because credit cards have to slide through a credit card swipe, and currently, credit card swipes are super thin- making the constraints on which a credit card can hold extra computational abilities super super slim…. Well, not so fast, said the Coin.

Coin (which is basically everything we just thought didn’t exist) slaps constraints clear across the face.

CFFEThat is right. What you are looking at is called the Coin. It is a credit card slim device that is capable of store all of your credit card data mimicking each credit card whenever you choose. Thus making the Coin the only credit card that you would need to keep on you at all times. This type of morphing reminds me of someone. x-men-days-of-future-past-02The peeps who developed Coin managed to fit a Bluetooth, a micro-processing chip, a small amount of memory, a mini display, and a small capacitive touch button in the super slim credit card form factor. Not to mention its well design. I wouldn’t be able to tell there was something significant about it other than the mini display in the upper corner.

Coin has tremendous potential to change the way we waste our money. I would love to see Coin try to tackle the incorporation of non-credit cards into being able to swipe with the device. It would also be cool if they worked on expanding the screen display to show the credit card number. One cool feature that almost slipped past me is that because this card syncs up with your iPhone via Bluetooth, the card can actually sense when you are leaving the card, say…, at the cash register. And you will get an alert on your iPhone alerting you that you are a forgetful no good horrible person.

The Coin starts off at 100 dollars an hour, which I really do not think is worth saving myself the time of flipping through my wallet. But, because i am a technologist, i would quickly and urgently throw money that direction just for the experience. Perhaps in the future (or unexpectedly in the future) the price will job once they start moving Coins off the shelf and demand increases. Until then, check out the promo video below! Its really well made BTW and I really enjoy the sarcastically simplistic emotion the guy gives off. Enjoy!


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Coin stores info for multiple credit cards, aims to slim your wallet down (video)

Coin » Use One Coin for All of Your Cards


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