Small House Big Smile

“The simplest things are often the truest” Richard Bach

We definitely have the natural inclination to acquire. Not necessarily to acquire more, but there is definitely the need to acquire. We look to acquire money, friendships, love, beauty, respect, success, happiness, truth ect… And that natural inclination to acquire is fueled by each other. When we see someone with something, we want it too. When we something that other people “enjoy”, we want to enjoy it too. And we once we get that thing and realize that it did or didn’t end up fully satisfying our natural inclination to acquire, we don’t introspect our natural inclination, we solve the problem with the problem by feeding our natural inclination even more.

Small houses are a growing trend in the west world which is known for its obsession of stuff and the acquisition of more of it. There is a small population of people that, either by choice or by result of financial circumstance,  have found themselves under very small roofs in very small spaces making very meaningful livings. Perhaps there is this thought that the less we have, the less there is to do and enjoy. But really, we only do a few things in life. We spend time with the people we love, we eat, we sleep, we wash, we dispose, and we do what we love to do outside of the things just mentioned. And usually, we call those things hobbies. For these small house people, those things are called both their hobby and their job.

These people in small spaces have through some events of life come to the realization that less IS actually more. Its cliché, but its not truly practiced. When we illuminate all of the things that we can live without, we realize how rich LIFE is. Our natural inclination is to season and richen our life with stuff and space, but really, we are flooding our windows with conceptual clutter which essentially blinds us from the true riches of life.

This trend is mostly lead by those practicing architecture, writing, and art. So naturally, these people are used to taking risks through design to improve their own life. But it is definitely a compelling lifestyle. When you see these people smile real big smiles, you almost fear that their happiness is too large for their space. I myself have been trying to simplify my lifestyle for almost a year now. My college dorm consist of no more than my computer, snacks/water, fridge, Wifi-router, bed, clothing, toiletries, books, and school work… It sounds small, but each day seems so open of opportunity. Its allowed me to focus more on my passion for tech, academics, girlfriend, friendships, and faith…. All of the objects in my room and in my life are always used, and if they are not, I get rid of them because they are dead skin to me that inhibits my flexibility and mental freedom in my life.

Check out this video that does a far better job covering the small house paradigm shift. Awesome documentary! And I hate documentaries.


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