Quantum Revolution

Apparently, we have been practicing quantum physics for quite some time… or at least a mock-form of it. Pizza Bagels. The idea that one particle can be another particle at the same time is part of quantum physics. There is also the theory of quantum tunneling, aka teleportation. There are many unforeseen concepts to quantum physics that many people don’t fully understand, even if they understand quantum physics. But whatever these intensely sci-fi concepts are, quantum computing is the attempt to perform these physical phenomena on a human scale… And we have quantum computers.


Google and NASA have been collaborating on the development of a fully functioning quantum computer. And they’ve done it. Its real. It works, its BIG. And I personally love the size of the computer case. It looks like the size of a Cosco’s two door fridge, and it technically is a fridge to cool the computer itself. The computer is really the size of Intel Xeon processor, but it is surrounded by what looks like a three dimensional circuit board. It is really fascinating to me.

quantumcompyThe case isn’t a desktop case. Its a walk in desktop case.


Does that remind you of something ?

BRLESC-1_computerRight, this is one of the first mass produced computers. The power of this computer could not even measure up to the power of an average graphing calculator, let alone your smartphone. Whatever we manage to accomplish with quantum computers in the near future, what will be more interesting to me is how the technology evolves and shrinks overtime, and the applications that quantum computing will create once it can fit in mobile form factors. One thing I forgot to mention is that opposed to current computers, which use a 1 and 0 logic system, quantum computers have the ability to use a 1, 0, and [1,0] logic system. The [1,0] gives the computer millions of extra computation logic capabilities, which perhaps gives a lot of the quantum physics phenomena merit and possibility using quantum computing.

You should definitely check out the video below which does a way better job of explaining all of this. Enjoy!

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