This could be the generation of people that begin to prioritize the safety of or earth over the convenience of our daily lifestyle. I know from experience that riding a bike in the city is more often than not the most efficient way of getting from place to place. It is ironically faster than a car because it has the ability o weave around and in between traffic. And of course it is faster than walking. It is also cheaper than both a public transportation and a car. But my favorite attribute is that its as green a solution as walking.

I am not accusing anyone of making a bad transportation decision, but there is always a better solution, always. To those that live in relatively congested environments, the Grace e-bike makes that prior transition a little less daunting. A bike that brings design, technical achievement, and transportation efficiency together in a beautiful package.

one-2You may have ran into the bike in my second WOW Design post, and I mentioned that I would do a review on the device and what I love about it. I subconsciously labeled this as a ‘device’ and before correcting myself, I realized that calling it a device was actually not a mistake. The bike is a fully electric motor-bike, or as the Grace engineers say, ‘the first electric. And there is some merit to their claims. The bike can reach speeds of slightly under 28 miles per hour, which is definitely the high average speed for a car in the city.


Grace is a modern approach to vintage transportation, and not an not overwhelmingly. My favorite part of the bike is actually the display. It looks about the size of a student ID card, and it keeps informed on the basic kinematic performance of your ride. But I love how it is imbedded in the dense metal of the bikes frame which makes it unnoticeable unless you are hovering over the top. Its a clever way of hiding probably the most complex aspect of the design.


That’s right, headlights! What better way of convincing people that you are street-worthy than molding a simplified Harley Davidson style headlight on the front your bike. Taking a really close look at it, you can see just how precisely our German friends took into account each and every design decision of the headlight. Like I said earlier, there is definitely a familiar retro-look here. However, the one tone matte shade and the simplistic geometric form factor brings this headlight to the twenty first decade, which makes us forget just how essential and functional it is aside from how beautiful it is. I hope that made some sense.


Brooks. I just like the seat.


If he can do it, you can do it. Its worth noting that when traveling around 15-25 miles per hour around impatient two ton cars, its definitely worth your time and fashion sense to wear a form of head protection.

sideshot1So lets get technical. Feel free to use the above image as a reference. So as you know, bikes have more benefits than limitations. On the one hand, they are incredibly portable, they are cheap, they are repairable, and they are healthy lol. On the other hand, they are slow, and they are tiring. The easy answer to this would be to throw a powerful gas powered motor on it and call it a day. Well, its not a horrible idea, but that’s called a motorcycle, and now you have a bike that is no longer cheap, repairable, or incredibly portable. And if you are like me, then you have a smelly bike. The next idea would be to somehow adds speed without the weight and sound. An electric motor, yes. But how can you add an electric motor to the back of one wheel. Well its simple. The motor is connected to the centerpiece of the frame, which is why there is a huge circular Frisbee looking thing on the back wheel. And the back frame is made of a much stronger piece of metal than your average bike to withstand the commotion and improve the stability of the bike. The bike uses lithium batteries, a very strong yet light solution- these are also the same batteries that are being used in your smartphone. The batter pack is cleverly placed under the frame piece closest to the front wheel. You can see the wiring extending out from that bump to the handle bars.

On the handle bars there are the breaking, accelerator, lights, and a nice honking control. Because the bike can reach a top speed of around 45mph with pedaling, the bike has custom disk breaking system, much like that on the back wheels of a car. All of the technical components just mentioned of course do come at a cost (yes money) and much added weight. In response, the folks at Grace use recycled fighter jet metal (so aluminum) for the main frame of the bike, which is known for being extremely lightweight. The end product is a device that is noticeably heavier than an average road bike, but that can still be hulled up a two story stair case if its necessary.


Overall…. Its awesome. I think that when we think about the future we tend to over-innovate the future reality and scratch everything that was previously learned. I think that there is a lot of promise in the idea of a two wheeled vehicle. It is just unfortunate that it is taking such a long time to future proof the design of bikes. I am really excited to see bikes like Grace cruise around the streets down the road- no pun intended. I would really love to own one for myself, but at over 3k a piece, it will take some time for me to make such a sacrifice, and it will take Grace some time to build demand and lower the price over time. But no doubt is it a promising piece of transportation and technology, and the folks at Grace are definitely stoked for all of the engineering potential it has down the road.

check out the video and link below 🙂

Grace Website


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