Binary Table-01

Its a play on words and a play on table. Type ‘binary table’ into a search browser, and what do you get?


Yea a binary table. Now type ‘binary table-01’ into your search browser and what do you get?

binary-low-table01-1That’s right! A Binary Table-01.

If you are perplexed by the idea of fusing design and technology, well, use this table as a reference. Whether or not the table is visually appealing is not the point. It makes me emotional nevertheless. I love technology, and so this fusion of vintage circuit boards, disks, and drives with the form and functionality of an average coffee table makes me Happy!! What do you think? This will be in my WOW Design 3 post later this week 🙂


In the mean time, head over to this colorful link to learn more



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