Get Ready, CES is Right Around the Corner

Its sneaking up on us quickly. To my fellow geeks and technophiles, some of the most exciting days of the year are less than a week away. The Consumer Electronic Show of 2014 should quench the tech enthusiast thirst as we kick off the new year. I will be posting brief reviews and updates throughout the Expo.


I’m specifically excited for the wearable tech goodness that should be on display. We’ve seen Google and Samsung get their hands dirty with wearables sense last year. We’ve also seen some compelling startups like the Pebble Smart Watch. But this year there is rumor that LG will be displaying a smartwatch of their own, and Intel seems to be going big with wearables this year around by the likes of their incredibly small Quark processor.

As expected, there will be a good quantity of 4k displays floating around the show. Most excitingly, Samsung has been teasing a 110 inch 4k display that was on display earlier last year, but this year they plan to put a price tag and an availability to the monster of a TV.

Missing sense 2012 from the show is Microsoft. There has been rumor that they will be making an appearance, and I don’t doubt that assumption, but they are not officially on the list. Nevertheless, hopefully the tech Giant will cease the opportunity to bring people up to date with what they are working on around Windows Phone and Windows.


Something that tends to be overlooked by CES is the auto industry ironically. Well there are a few interesting cars to look forward to this year, and most everything you will see will involve autonomous drive or clean energy. Ford’s C-Max Solar Energy concept car quite surprisingly can power itself via the sun using solar panels imbedded in the roof of the vehicle. additionally, Toyota plans to display a Fuel Cell Car Concept which, if you are not familiar, combines air with pure hydrogen to create water, which in turn produces electricity to power the car. Its a cool trick and is about time that a company takes it seriously in the consumer space.
Regardless, it should be an exciting CES this year, and I cant wait to keep you guys up to date on the highlights of the show. Cheers!

CES 2014 Site


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