WOW Design: 3

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”  Milton Glaser.


The jury’s still out on whether or not these can withstand the intense temperatures of boiling water, but I love the idea. Have you ever wondered what happened to all of those BEST TEACHER ALIVE mugs that you so graciously gifted Mrs. Spearhead each and every US Holiday? Well, being a son of two educators, I can accurately guess where they’ve ended up. Unless it was the first mug they’ve ever received, your graciously gifted mug has almost never been in contact with a beverage. Its filled the role of decoration, storage weight, cabinet color, and most commonly a pencil holder. This particular design is an almost playful spin on giving mugs to elementary teachers. The simplicity of its design is purposeful as to not distract us from its true comedy and distorted functionality. Wow.


 The WOW in the Phillips Hue wireless LED lights is more in the design of its functionality than its form factor. However, I cant help but to acknowledge the clean pale tone of the bulb and the overall simplicity of the shape. These lights sync up with your home Wifi router giving you the ability to modify each and every color and brightness setting from your phone, no matter where you are in the world. They are LED lights so not only are they great energy savers, but they give off bright white light and vibrant hue colors. The Hue app also allows you to name each light bulb i.e. ‘kitchen’ or ‘bedroom’.


 This one is a little bit unorthodox on Design That’s It, but I love books, and it instantly caught my attention. Its a book shelf, and that is all it is. This particular book shelf system makes me angry at almost every other existing book shelf for adding fluffy curvy bulky design elements to the shelf that distract me from my precious literature. I WOW this shelf’s design because it uses the books as its design focus making it exponentially customizable and oh so colorful.


The Surface 2 is by far my favorite tablet of all time. Windows 8 aside, the Surface 2 takes a quite unconventional design approach to the tablet. Whereas most tablets are rounded at the sides, the Surface 2 is quite geometrical as it slants into the back of the body. Whereas most tablets are darker toned, the Surface 2 is colored in a matte finished white metallic. It reminds me of Apple’s iPad, but its actually much more white of a shade when you see it in person, an almost airy cloud feel to it. Whereas most tablets are completely worthless on its backside (yes this is considering the rear cameras) the surface two snaps out a super thin kickstand that can be adjusted to two different positions. And its such a clean design. Strikingly clean. Perhaps a few hairs shy of Apple’s minimalistic iPad, but the extra ports and push this tablet ahead of the competition when it comes to the overall design. Wow


WOW. Speaking of Apple, it looks as though the next major innovation for Apple sense the iPad (oh and there will be a post about that prior comment) will be their headcounters. Apple has in plans a $4+ billion dollar construction project for their new headquarters in Cupertino city. Besides the fact that it looks like a Treky’s dreams come true,  the headquarters are intended to be a fusion of nature and a futuristic workplace. I personal favorite aspect of the building is not the building but the circular yard in the center. Employers will have full access to this natural paradise for leisure and work. Not many other details have been released sense then, but I personally am excited about the future of high tech headquarters. If this interests you, you should check this out some more as well as Amazon’s Seattle headquarters plans. WOW.


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