Tesla Motors Will Reach the Masses

If you thought that electrical vehicles are either a thing of the future or simply not attractive enough to attract people, well you are wrong. The Tesla Model S is a prime example of just how enticing electric vehicles can be when done right. With 260+ miles a charge, a beautiful design, 0-60mph in under 4.5 seconds, and all of the technological functionality you would expect, the Model S is the ‘Golden Child’ of electronic vehicles. What makes the Model S significant, though, is that it has free access to a network of power charging stations scattered throughout country. The CEO of the company, Elon Musk, plans to extend these charging stations so much so that you can make a trip from any point in the world with a Tesla and not run out of battery (granted you follow the root of the charging stations).


It seems as though Tesla Motors as it all figured out in contrast to the times. But it doesn’t, the Tesla Model is still in fact a luxury vehicle that starts at 60k if all you want is metal with wheels lol. But factor in all of the post production amendities, and you will be somewhere between 75-90k. Normal people are willing to drop so much dough on vehicle, even if in the long hall they will be saving would be gas money. This brings us to the topic of this blog. Tesla motors is planning a series of lower cost Tesla S models for the near future. There have for some time been reports that a Model E vehicle would be announced soon, but Tesla dropped the trademark, but not the idea. This lower cost Tesla is rumored to be focused around keeping the cost down, but it wouldn’t surprise me that this car would maintain its track record of electrical efficiency and general performance. I for one am incredibly excited about a lower cost Tesla around 40k because of course I cannot afford a 60k dollar car in or directly after my college education, yet I am super excited about where the company is going.

Let’s keep an eye on Tesla. I am betting that in a few years seeing a Tesla Model [blank] will be quite a common occurrence when circling a public parking lot.


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