The Cup is Evolving

You cant help but notice the almost desperate attempts by humans to make simple objects ‘smart’ so to speak. We’ve successfully done so with books, watches/bracelets, glasses, notebooks, paper and pens and the list goes on. But it seems as though we’ve passed over the cup lol how silly of us, well… until now. I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon Vessel, a start-up that has designed and engineered a minimalistic tall cup that has hidden capabilities, or should I say hidden talents.


If the picture above has not yet unveiled the hidden talents, Vessyl knows what beverage is being poured into the cup, as well as how much of that beverage sits inside, and displays the result on the side using low powered led lights. Furthermore, Vessyl specifies the nutritional value of each beverage you pour in it and transfers all of this information using BLUETOOTH 4.0 connectivity to a custom iOS app. If that’s not smart, magical, scary, awesome technology, then I don’t know what is. Its been expected that computer engineering would plunge into both chemical and biological fields in the next few years, and this is a perfect example of that plunging. The Vessyl is a remarkable cup, or shall I say device lol. What excites me more is the opportunity for the future. The ability to turn REAL food or chemical bonds into tangible data for the masses is a HUGE step in the right direction. Devices like Vessyl will be the norm two decades from now, and they will all interface with a central application on a mobile device so that you can keep a close eye on almost everything that you do concerning your health. I’m going to stop rambling for now.

The reason I said “hidden” talents is because Vessyl is the most unassuming cup I have ever seen. Whereas most mobile mugs look like a high powered drill, Vessyl completed abandons that predisposition and goes with a much more simplistic design. From a distance, it looks like a beautifully curved cylinder, just long enough to show off its upper exterior, but not so long that you’re carrying a peer-wee baseball bat. The base has a glossy tapered  metal finish, but just so much that it gives off a floating illusion when sitting on a surface. Once you get closer to the Vessyl, the empathetic design transforms into a more edgy feel. The whole rounded surface is tapered as if put through a cheese grater. That sense of unfinished-ness gives Vessyl that extra smark (a mix of smart, and spark), and it makes me want to pick it up just to see how it feels. But my favorite aspect of its design is the top. I’m sorry to dish on current mugs again, but whereas the average mug’s lid is like trying to solve a Rubik cube just to take a sip, the Vessyl cleverly utilizes a gracious sliding of the thin top to get to your precious beverage. Its going to be hard for me to explain without a video, so I’ve embedded their product video below for those visual folks. For those Adobe Flash deprived, when you slightly push on the lid it responds by slightly sliding upward like a sail boat does going up a small wave.


Thanks for stopping by! Click the link to learn more!


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