2k Face Scans

2k Sport’s NBA 2k game series has continuously pushed the boundary of simulation gaming in almost every facet. Last year, with the introduction of the next gen gaming consoles, NBA 2k14 hailed as the one of, if not the most, impressive games graphically in history. What gave 2k14 an edge on all other games was the fact that about 80% of NBA players received a 3D face scanning session with the folks at 2k, and their faces were rendered into the game with super precision and accuracy. Many people felt that 2k had almost reached the peak of innovation, which is an awesome compliment on their part. But they are in no way finished. They’ve successfully scanned over 90 percent of players faces this year, and they’ve even gone so far as to take 3D face scanning to our own living rooms.

Enjoy the video below 🙂


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