Not Good Enough

Hey Everyone! My girlfriend just started her blog called Life That’s IT lol. She is an aspiring family and mental health therapist and is going into a senior year as an undergrad Social Work major. It’d be awesome if you stopped by and gave her blog a quick read.

And stay on the lookout for a few blog posts in the coming days 😉



Have you ever had this mindset?

(You don’t have to raise your hand unless you want to lol.)

I want to admit that I, Tiffany, have thought this a couple of times. Actually, maybe more than a couple. Let’s say occasionally. I think many people struggle with this insecurity thing right? Well, if you’re that one person who has always believed in yourself and knew you were “on fleek” (meaning: perfect) 24/7, still keep reading because this could help you understand a different perspective.

Unlike the “on fleek” crew, I’ve had my share of insecurities and doubts mainly dealing with my appearance and my abilities. I’m a 5’8”, skinny girl who wears glasses and recently had braces removed. (Talk about looking nerdy!) Also, I loved sports and fine arts in high school, but compared to others, I was not good! So, I was insecure…

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