People First Business

Hey guys. You may be aware that this blog is comprised of three different yet connected alter-egos. Design, tech, and business. However I’ve been a little low on the business end…. So I’m going to ramp up business posts. First off, I would like you guys to meet my favorite CEO in the world at this point.

I have always been a firm believer that if you make people happy, your business will never fail. And to make people happy, that means you do what they want. There are some leaders in different industries that are great at this. But there are some that are bad at it, and they continue to be bad at it because “business is booming”. But booming business only means that you will come to a hard crash. And you don’t want that. If your main philosophy is to make money, then sure, cheat the system. Find loopholes, gutters, and every nick and cranny where dimes and nickels poor out of. But if your philosophy is centered around making people’s lives easier, more fulfilling, and more productive then you will focus on quality, price, and ACCURACY of your WHOLE COMPANY…. not just the product. From executive management down to your salespeople at retail stores and the people that tell grandma how to restart the phone, its important to keep all everyone on the same page…. The customer’s page.

T-Mobile’s John Legere has only been CEO of T-Mobile for less then 3 years now. But he is making the news for being ambitious with his low pricing while building a strong high quality wireless network coverage grid. All while having the best customer service in the business. I admire his focus on the customer. But more than that, interestingly, I admire is casual demeanor and his love for people. He doesn’t wear suits and ties and blistering shiny shoes. He’s just himself, and I think that allows him to be more open about his business because he always feels like he’s in chill mode. I think there is something about wearing a suit that in effect tenses you up… not for all, but I think that’s the case for many. I think you can loose some authenticity in comparison to when you’re just in jeans and a t-shirt. More on that in another post….

But enjoy this awesome video. I encourage you to start watching videos of smart-caring-experienced-wealthy people talk. I do it a lot because it helps me think bigger about my role in the world and the ways in which I can change things. It makes bigger people seem more human, and it makes being big seem less trivial. Enjoy 🙂


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