My Design: Noodling

I play the guitar. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this on my blog. But yes, I love music. I grew up, like most people my age, attending piano lessons and learning basic classical music. I was later introduced to Garage Band, and the piano became irrelevant to me. But I found solace with the guitar. My Dad owned a 1952 Gibson Melody Maker that his father (my Grandad) passed down to him when he went to college. However, it was sort of neglected lol, but my Dad and I decided to take it to a repair shop and get it back up and running again. And I fell in love…. And I now know why. The guitar is very melodic. It is almost impossible, in my opinion, to play something wrong if you know what you’re doing. Its very soul oriented. And what I mean by that is if you don’t feel your music, it wont sound right even if it makes sense. But if you FEEL your music, it will sound beautiful, even if it makes no sense. Maybe this is specific to blues and jazz, but that’s what I love about playing my guitar. Its an ongoing adventure into a world where melody creates your reality.

I think this as in the 7th grade. I’ve developed as a guitar player, and I had a short 3 session lesson run. My instructor was a mid twenties Berkley Music student. He played the blues, and we didn’t use sheet music. We just noodled. He taught me some blues cords and rifts, and I took it and ran with it.

Well, as I’ve been re-connecting with my passion for art and design, I am startled to find that noodling exist in sketching as well. I love letting my mind wonder, free of editing, and free of ‘oops’. Be advised, I’m developing my skills at the moment lol I’m no Picasso



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