My Design: Exploration

Hi Guys! As you know I’ve been doing freelance design sketches for quite some time now. I decided that I should have a core philosophy to my design process. So I quickly made one to help guide my design process.

Good design is:






I am still looking over this methodology, but I like it so far. It helps me make sound decisions when I’m sketching or when I’m thinking about adding or taking away something from a design. Again, I am no pro. This is definitely a growing process for me lol.

I am doing about 1 hour long sketches every other day. So I spent about 20 minutes on each of these designs, which sounds ridiculously long, but I do a lot of light sketching and erasing and refining before I use my phone as a straight edge and go over the lines with darker lines as a final design. I’m essentially trying to go through a mini product design process. So enjoy đŸ™‚



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