Hey guys. It’s been 3 years sense I started Design That’s IT. I’ve had a fantastic time writing about the things that interest me the most in the design, tech, and business worlds. Thanks for sticking around through my unpredictable posting habits lol! I really value when people read these posts 🙂 So if you are reading this right now, guess what? You’re awesome!

I’m starting a series called AI to kick off the 3rd anniversary of this blog. AI, as I’m sure most of you know, is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence. AI is one of the hottest topics in computer science to date, and its a personal passion of my own. I think that more than ever, AI is starting to dictate a lot of our daily lives. I wanna explore with you guys the roots of AI, the growth of the field, where it is now, and where it is going. There are a lot of implications for advanced AI today. With those implications comes a lot of excitement, but a lot of fear…. and for good reason. AI is the first field of engineering that has the capability of overshadowing almost all human intellectual prowess, and while that may be exciting for problem solving and advanced autonomy of daily tasks, its equally concerning in terms of what that AI will be able to control.

I’ve had the pleasure of taking an AI senior level computer science course during my freshman year of college. It was a half lecture half research format and we learned a lot about the origins of computing and AI. A lot of what I say in these blogs will be based on a combination of my knowledge from that course and what I know about what is going on in the computing world today.

I’m super excited about this series. I will try to make very complex topics simple for those of you who are not super technically minded. But in the mean time, here’s an awesome video to get things started.

Enjoy 🙂



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