For those of you who fear the inevitable robot takeover of blue-collar society, fear no more. You are a few free coding tutorials away from securing your place in the future employment economy.

Hopefully you are reading this because you know that the world is becoming a supercomputer… Hopefully you realize that every mundane aspect of the human experience is being digitalized and smartized, and the need for human physical labor and light mental labor will be a featured show room in the Smithsonian museum of American History. This of course does not mean that humans will be controlled by robots, after all, someone needs to program the robots that are cutting your grass and walking your kids to the bus stop. That someone is you. But you’re missing something.

You wanted to be a journalist, or a chef, or a doctor, or a construction worker. However, you realized that these jobs were in recession after during your upperclassmen years in college. I’m sorry to hear this, but on the bright side you’ve realized that there is worldwide thirst for people that can write code. Ew…. code…. mumbo-jumbo hacking stuff.

But you did your research out of curiosity. And you found that coding was only about 80% as boring as you thought it was. And hey, coders are almost normal people when they are not coding. And hey, that non-profit you want to start, you could save tons of money learning to code on your own… and sense you’re on such a role, you could make an app for your non-profit. Maybe that’s going too far, but the gist of your realization is that if you learned to code then you’ve successfully invested in your future. is your ticket. The folks at codeacademy apparently feel your pain, and they’ve built a simple yet interactive web based coding bootcamp for beginners and experts alike. A quick Facebook sign in and you are a few hours away from successfully building your first website from scratch. If you’re feeling a powered up, then you can try the Java or Python tutorial. If you’re in a business field, I would recommend the SQL and Python tutorials because these will deal a lot with databases and the organization of large data sets. I suspect this is something business people do a lot of already using excel. If you’re into the arts, start with the HTML and CSS tutorial. After finishing that tutorial you can build your own portfolio website. And for those of you that are just curious, I recommend starting with one of the quick projects at the bottom of the home page. These don’t require any experience in programming and serve more as “coding is fun! see?” propaganda that will most likely dupe you into wanting to learn more code.


I’ve been using Code Academy for about a year now off and on. I have a pretty strong foundation in object oriented programming languages like C/C++, but I never really got into scripting languages and web development. Even though I am a stem major, I too fear the value of my skillset in the future because computing is moving to the cloud (online), and in the cloud, scripting languages, JavaScript, Python, Ruby ect… are the languages that pull most of the load. So Code Academy has served as the perfect personal tutor for me.


Check it out!


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