I mentioned in my CodeAcademy post that every seemingly mundane aspect of human existence is being smartized. Well, Helix Sleep is a perfect example of this paradigm shift. Not only that, Helix Sleep is placing a huge emphasis on quality design in the mattress buying process.

Yea, their vision does away with mattress warehouse and its up tight representatives and places the mattress customization process in your finger tips. They’ve built a minimalist website that guides you though the customization of your mattress accompanied with some awesome blurbs about mattress fitting and how each layer of a mattress effects your quality of sleep. You give the Helix your height, weight, age, and preference of firmness in a bed ect…. There are more options then these, but these struck me as the most interesting.

Helix is a tech company as much as a mattress manufacturer, so they take all of your information and shoot it through its mattress fitting algorithm to generate for you a sleeping profile. The profile is awesome. You can see what your mattress layering will look like with explanations as to why you may have 80% foam as opposed to 30% foam concentration. You can also customize for two people on one bed and the algorithm finds the sweet spot for both individual’s profile.

After that, you are all set and Helix Sleep ships your mattress to you in a roll-up box.

I love the two toned minimalist design of the mattresses. They are stitched with straight vertical lines that give it a quilted look which I also find really inviting. I also appreciate the lack of stickers and unnecessary embroidering on the base of the mattress. From the mattress itself, to the website, to the logo, to the customization process, to the shipping box,  Helix Sleep has done a wonderful job of balancing a great business idea with great design and great tech. This is exactly what gets me going and it is the reason i started this blog in the first place. I wanted a place to talk about the beautiful symbiotic relationship between business, design, technology, and a love for people.

Design is an often over looked attribute of creativity and business. Everyone designs, even when you are writing down your to-do list. Every thing we do requires design thinking. What I hope to do is bring awareness to the fact that we are always designing even when we are not conscience of it. By realizing that everything is design, we then have the ability to re-design what we normally do unconsciously, like by a mattress. The gals and guys at Helix Sleep have successfully re-designed the mattress buying process, and that to me is super exciting.

Check out their promo video!



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