Hey guys! I’m starting a serious called “Color”. Color is super important in so many aspects of life that I feel are overlooked. But specifically in regards to design, as we explore the depths of great design, I thought it would be great to tackle each primary color and the monochromes as it relates to emotion and design. It will be good for me, and hopefully for you too. I’m seeking to become more conscience of the colors that are used in areas of design to give my decisions more purpose and meaning.

Blue is my favorite color and is one of the most popular colors in the world. But what is blue? Well, not to dwell two much on the science, blue is segment of the visible light spectrum that reflects off of material that absorbs all of the remaining colors. The molecules that make up the earth’s atmosphere reflect blue, and so do the molecules that make up most bodies of salt water. Blue represents daytime and clear skies for humanity, which is where our bias most likely comes from. During the day we are the most refreshed, and when the sky is clear the air pressure is high which gives us more energy than if the air pressure were low. Blue is energetic, its positive, its refreshing, its renewing. Now, of course, the darker the blue becomes he darker the mood becomes. Its the night that can sooth us, but its also during the night that we associate crime and conspiracy and mystery. But during a clear sky night, when the stars are shining, we tend to feel soothed and at peace. Blue is a fantastic color with very few opportunities to go wrong. It offers some of the most beautiful shades and its perhaps the most versatile color, meaning that it can blend in nicely with so many contrasting shades without seeming too obtrusive. A great example of this is denim. Almost everyone owns a pair or an assortment of jeans. We throw them on with almost anything in our closet. Our blue denim are usually a go-to for quick rushes to the grocery store or stroll around town because of their “versatility” with almost everything in our wardrobe, and the blue of the denim gives off the relaxation vibe that sometimes is desperately needed. Its human and down to earth. More recently people have been mixing blue denim with semi-formal tops, which is a nice blend of prestige and casual.



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