Millennials are moving to cities.

The best way to get around in the city is not a taxi, it’s not Uber, its not  a car, its not even walking, its single speed biking. It’s almost 100% environmentally friendly, its light enough to take up and down long staircases, they are cheap up front, they require very little maintenance, its exercise and rejuvenating, it can avoid traffic, an in most cases it gets places faster than cars. I might add that its cheaper than public tranpsortation.


In this quest to minimize our lives, lets consider alternative forms of transportation that maximizes our efficiency at a low-cost.

I am a single speed biker myself. I still haven’t taken my driving test, and even if I did, a license would do very little for me. I don’t own a car and am quite happy about it. If and when I own a car, it will have to be 100% electric. That’s the only way I will justify paying a monthly payment or dropping a large sum of cash on a piece of metal. But for my campus/city lifestyle my single speed Republic bike is more than adequate. I find myself taking the initiative to get things done and do errands far more frequently when I have my bike as opposed to when I do not. It’s such a fun experience to feel the wind in your face and the acceleration in your gut that you will actually find yourself looking for reasons to go somewhere.

I felt that I had to write this. I know its out of the blue, but I want Design That’s IT to be as much structured as spontaneous. 🙂


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