VSCO is an Instagram for minimalists. Instagram is a great social networking idea. Its truly captured the generation of smartphone photography. But like all successful social platforms, its been infiltrated by the others. The others are people that have habits that do not align with the intentions of the platform. For Instagram, these are people that post quite excessively, take poor quality photos, and apply too many filters. VSCO, however, is a much purer photo social network.


The interface is minimal, optimally minimum. It utilizes a very small black text font, and from there the rest is content/photos. But what really makes VSCO stand out is its filters and its Photoshop presets.


VSCO makes “film” presets for digital photography editing. This is different than a filter which is simply an overlay of information on existing Jpeg files. But lets say you are a pro or enthusiast photographer and you shoot in Raw. Well Raw images are uncompressed files that saves all of the digital information that your camera captured during the moment you shot your photo. So instead of overlaying a compressed file with new info, individual pixels in a raw image are adjustable resulting in higher quality edits. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t give off the filtered or 90’s film look in RAW images without having to take hours perfecting that type of editing style. VSCO’s presets are packages of pre-edits that you can download and use in Photoshop. There are 7 in total and they cost a pretty penny, but they are absolutely beautiful in their variations and accuracy to real film photography.



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