Mirrorless cameras are quickly replacing traditional DSLRs in the professional camera industry.

The power and versatility of today’s smartphone cameras have exposed Nikon and Canon’s lack of innovation. DSLRs just seem like big blocks of rubber and metal that can take slightly better photos than flagship smartphones (as far as the average customer is concerned). Then there are things like low light performance, 4k support, software, and digital view finders that DSLRs tend to struggle with.

Mirrorless cameras are the perfect in-between for the next generation of professional photography. The lack of a mirror reflecting information into the view finder significantly reduces the size and weight of the device. Also, because there is virtually no deflection of light on other surfaces, the sensor receives a lot more information than your typical DSLR, and you end up with much more detail in smaller packages. Mirrorless is the future and the slight limitations in the technology for professional are fading away.

The Sony 6300 is true turning point for mirrorless Cameras. Sony has led the way in the race to future professional photography with its a7, NEX, and a5/6 hundred series cameras. The a7RII was Sony’s attempt to make the most complete camera in human history, and they got surprisingly close. Starting at $3k, the a7RII packs a 40+mp Full-Frame mirrorless sensor that can shoot 4k at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps. The camera also as 5-axis image stabilization and the ability to shoot at a super high iso and has 399 autofocus phase detection points. That’s incredible. It is a man amongst boys but the only limitation perhaps is the price and its 5fps for continuous shooting which is easily outmatched by similarly priced DSLR’s.

The recently released a6300, successor to the a6000, almost completely corrects these problems. Starting at $1000, the a6300 packs a 24mp APSC mirror less sensor, can also shoot 4k at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps, 424 phase detection autofocus points, OLED digital view finder, and 11fps of continuous shooting. That is absolutely amazing for the price. It outpaces 80-90% of the professional DSLR market and significantly out-values its larger a7rII.

But I said that this camera is a game changer for the whole industry. Why did I say that? Well it really has more to do with price. This camera is proof that the most advanced specs do not need to come at an unbearable price. The a6300 will take better photos than your mom and pop’s 2-3 grand DSLR at more than half the price, and it will take better video then almost all DSLR’s on the market. This is the bridge being built between enthusiast photographers and the crème of the crop of professional photographers. It’s the perfect enthusiast camera, and the scary thing is that picture quality will be indistinguishable from a National Geographic photography rig, in theory. A camera still doesn’t make a picture, but the creative potential for young enthusiastic photographers keeps growing and growing and growing. And I’m really excited about that shift.


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