Hi crew! I want to update you all on what I’ve been up. Design That’s IT is fully in tact, but I am taking this experiment on a slightly new course. As you know, the site is predicated around showing off the most interesting accomplishments in design, tech, and business that I have noticed in the marketplace. But I am going to also start using Design That’s IT to showcase some of my own work as well 🙂

So without further ado, I have fallen back in love with photography. I recently bought my fiancé her first DSLR, and as normal, I put some hours in with it before wrapping it up for Christmas. My passion ignited as I realized that there was so much creative potential inside of that sensor that I never thought about tapping into. So I went out on a whim, relied on my years of camera tech research, and purchased a used Sony Alpha 6000 aka a6000.

Processed with VSCO

It came with a battery and the pancake power zoom lens with Optical Steady Shot. The a6000 has arguably the best APSC sensor in the world, and it has the fastest autofocus system in the world, only surpassed by its newer versions the a6300+65000. The lens is meh, but its produced some great results 🙂



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